The First Xiamen International Original Band Competition


Xiamen City is promoting a major band competition event to support mutual understanding between Eastern and Western band cultures. It encourages face-to-face communication with top international bands, creating opportunities to perform on a world stage. Artists and bands from the Silk Origin International Music Alliance member countries will also be performing.

The competition is hosted by Siming District, the People’s Government of Xiamen City. It is organized by Siming District Culture and Tourism Bureau of Xiamen City, and by the OCT Tianshi Cultural Group, and jointly organized by professional guitar associations all over the world.

Purpose of the Competition

The purpose of this event is to find and develop talented musicians, and to provide performing artists with a new platform to show their talent, communicate with music professional, and make new friends! And also to help industry professionals discover and interact with the best musical talent in the Chinese music scene.

Time Line

  1. Registration: June 30 to August 1, 2019.
  2. Semi Finals: August 15 and 16, 2019.
  3. The Finals: August 17, 2019 at Siming, Xiamen, China.
  • Meet the Competition Judges and Leading Professionals

Chairman of Judges  /  评委主席

Mr. Ju Wang  /  王炬

  • Chairman of Judges  /  评委主席
  • Executive Vice President and Secretary General of the China Audio–Video and Digital Publishing Association.
  • 中国音像与数字出版协会常务副会长兼秘书长。

Mr. YanBin Zang  /  臧彦彬

  • Deputy Chairman of the Recording Working Committee of THe China Audio–Video and Digital Publishing Association
  • “丝路国际音乐联盟”联合创始人,中国音像与数字岀版协会唱片工作委员会副主任委员。

Invited International Judges  /  特邀国际评委

Rob Schwartz  /  罗伯 ·史瓦兹

  • Asia Bureau Chief, Billboard
  • 全球著名的音乐权威公告牌“Billboard”杂志亚洲负责人。

Art Director  /  艺术总监

Lin Zhang  /  张岭

  • Producer and Vice president of the Guitar Professional Committee of the Shanghai Percussion Association.
  • 上海市打击乐协会吉他专业委员会副主席,著名音乐制作人。

Members  /  评委会成员

Shan Xiao  /  肖山

  • Director of Chinese popular music society, Vice Chairman of Fujian Musicians Association, Chairman of Fujian popular music society.
  • 中国流行音乐学会理事,福建省音乐家协会副主席,福建省流行音乐学会主席 乐家协会副主席,福建省流行音乐学会主席。

Pei Zhao  /  赵沛

  • Vice Chairman of the Guitar Professional Committee of Shanghai Percussion Association; Lecturer of the Pop Instrumental Music Department of Sichuan Music College.
  • 上海市打击乐协会吉他专业委员会副主席,四川音乐学院流行器乐系讲师。

Woodie Wu  /  武麟

  • Famous Guitarist and harmonica player, Guest musician in such programs as “Classical music” and “art life.”
  • 国内著名吉他手与口琴手,《经典咏流传》《艺术人生》等节目嘉宾乐手。