The Yue Dong Live Streaming Platform


The Yue Dong Live Streaming Platform is a business service that includes Copyright Trade, On & Off line Recording projects, Music Education, Live Performance and Tour management and innovative technology for the protection and promotion of digital media products.

The Platform provides comprehensive global music and culture industry resources that enhance music and cultural companies’ ability to create an internationalized and modernized competitive environment. The Platform also promotes the rapid development of China’s cultural and tourism industries and helps establish Chinese and international music cultural brand images.

The Platform Uses Cugate Technology

The Yue Dong Live Streaming Platform uses Cugate AG’s innovative digital media management system to increase market reach and revenue for the digital media, entertainment and creative industries in China, as well as in international markets. Cugate applies intelligent software technologies to deliver a complete system for digital audio/video production and rights management integrated with sales and market analytics to 1) Monitor, control and manage distribution channels, marketing, ad/product placement and royalty payments, 2) Protect and control neighboring rights, copyrights and secure all intellectual property rights, and 3) Generate market and trend reports in real-time for royalty control, YouTube monitoring, monetizing and collecting procedures.

Platform Activities

The Platform, together with the Silk Origin Music Alliance, launched cooperation programs in the areas of creation, production, performance, promotion, copyright, education, innovation platform, marketing and sales in the music industry.

All the performance events will be recorded a streamed live. A documentary will be made for each event and released as “pay-per-view.” The studio product services will also develop other films and documents and distribute them on the business platform for sale and distribution.

The Platform’s features and services include:

  • Silk Road International Festivals and Music Competitions will be live streaming globally.
  • Viewers can watch live streaming platform free and interact with the performers, select songs, etc.
  • Users can select the venues, performances, and purchase ticket to watch live performance
  • From the live performance, users can live streaming from the mobile and send to social media such as WeChat, Weibo etc.
  • The Platform sells artists’ merchandise: CD, signed photos, clothing etc
  • The Platform will be an international performance and education exchange center.

Xiamen City is promoting a major band competition event for music enthusiasts around the world, to support mutual understanding between Eastern and Western band cultures. The event’ s goal is to find and develop talented musicians, to provide performing artists with a new platform to show their talent and to make new friends!

The competition encourages face-to-face communication with top international professional bands, creating opportunities to show yourself on the world stage. Artists and bands from the Silk Origin International Music Alliance member countries will also be performing.